Person of Interest Releases Series Finale Photos, 'Suicide Mission' Teaser

It’s all (remaining) hands on deck, as Team Machine launches its final — suicidal? — offensive against Samaritan, as seen in the first photos from Person of Interest‘s Season 5/series finale.

In “return 0,” airing Tuesday, June 21 on CBS, “The team must embark on one last suicide mission to prevent Samaritan from destroying The Machine and cementing its hold over mankind,” the official synopsis reads.

Of note, all the photos are set in the team’s subway lair — and as we saw in the final season premiere’s prologue, narrated by (we now realize) The Machine, that hideaway will be left in ruins when all is said and done.

Says co-showrunner Jonah Nolan, “The working title of the episode — before we settled on ‘return 0,’ which is a vestige of my old days as a coder — had been, ‘Everyone Dies Alone,’ which reflected our mood at that moment.” But, co-showrunner Greg Plageman interjects, “We thought that we was too upbeat!”

TVLine will have more finale preview as the date draws near, but in the meantime get some of your last looks at Finch, Reese, Fusco and Shaw.

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