Ingo Rademacher Returning to General Hospital

General Hospital: Ingo Rademacher Is Bringing Jax Back This Summer

Sounds like Port Charles is in for a heat wave this summer: Ingo Rademacher will be bringing Aussie playboy Jasper “Jax” Jacks back to General Hospital on a recurring basis, TVLine has confirmed.

The actor, who recently had an arc on Hawaii Five-0, kicks off his return engagement on July 29. His story arc is sure to find Jax dealing with former wife Carly and the mystery kidney that saved the life of their daughter, Josslyn. (Originally, the organ was thought to have been harvested from little Jake upon his death. But since the boy didn’t actually die… um, yeah, it’s a big question mark.)

Originally having joined GH back in 1996, Rademacher has played Jax on and off ever since, and is especially well known for his popular on-screen coupling with Vanessa Marcil (ex-Brenda).

What do you think, GH fans? Are you looking forward to Rademacher’s return? With whom do you hope he’ll be paired?

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  1. I love when characters that don’t like Sonny come back!

  2. KayCeeCee says:

    Jax is coming back!! I hope that they remember his friendship with Alexis and Robyn, as well as his paternal bond with Morgan. Also, it might be fun to see him act off of new characters like Nina and older favourites like Tracey.

  3. wrstlgirl says:

    Finally!! Took them long enough, lol.

  4. Malie Jean Bingham says:

    Pretty please bring back Robin Christopher aka Skye Chandlar Quartermaine. Her and Jax heated up Port Charles. I love their on screen chemistry. Come on General Hospital what are you guys waiting for… { World War 10 } Give us devoted fans our #Sax because it’s the right thing to do… via We miss them dearly. Thank you!!!

    • Robin Christopher can never return to play Skye, not until the lawsuit between Prospect Park and ABC is settled. Since Skye is a All My Children character. Thus the reason no OLTL characters has shown up. They can bring her back as a new character, I love RC.

      • Cassie says:

        Skye was on GH long before PP ever came in to play. The character and intellectual property of Skye is owned by ABC.

        • Jennie cartier says:

          Yes ! Robin can come back to play Skye she not part of what is going on with are another soaps!

          • Malie Jean Binghan says:

            General Hospital is showing favoritism and that’s why i don’t watch it no more.

          • shirley says:

            Anything that ABC owns or touches gets into trouble so don’t get too hooked on theses people.
            ABC gets rid of anythig you like ina heartbeat. Enjoy what you canm,while you can but don’t get too hooked. You’ll get the rug pulled out.

  5. Kevin K says:

    Remember how Carly & Jax were too hot for GH.

  6. ninergrl6 says:

    Best. News. Ever. A few days ago when I was watching a Julexis scene I literally thought, “Enough of these mob apologists! Where’s Jax when you need him?” and BAM now he’s coming back. However, if they turn Jax into a mob apologist, I may throw up and/or throw my tv out the window.

  7. Eric7740 says:

    Just bring him back permanently GH!!! Several women around Port Charles need some love!!!
    Nina, Liz, Ava, just to name a few!!!

  8. Judiwb says:

    Good to have him back as long as he gets with Carly again!! I can’t stand Sonny and Carly. Sonny gets all of the women. Lol

  9. Sandy Duncan's Eye on Network TV says:

    I hope that this is a step toward splitting up Carly and Sonny. Those two are history that does not need to be repeated. The show has tried to inject Carly into nearly every character and story line with nothing really working out long term and her current role as service lizard wrangler and Avery’s suddenly dedicated step mother is laughable. The show is also in danger of being the Sonny-Carly-Sam-Jason mob show again. The show also seems to be preparing to kill off Julian…everything just seems so unsettled and off the rails.

  10. Mels says:

    Very happy about this. The writing for Jax has been all over the place, but for the most part, I really like his character. And I loved his relationship with Carly before the writers decided to crap all over it. I doubt his return will lead to a Sonny/Carly split (though one can hope) but I want him to at least have a lot of good scenes with Carly. Their scenes the past few times he’s returned have always been great and it’s lovely to see how much they still care for each other even though they’re no longer together. I also hope we get some good Jax/Alexis scenes. I adore their friendship and I’m hoping the return of it will make me like Alexis again.

    • Lily says:

      Jax was an @$$ to Carly the last time he was in town. Remember the custody battle for Jocelyn? I hate Jax, always have and if they use this moron to split Sonny and Carly up I’ll stop watching til the next CarSon reunion. 5 marriages in should say to everyone that Sonny & Carly are it for each other. I’ll come back for marriage #6. I hope this idiot only stays for the kidney story and we can get rid of him soon. Jocelyn’s older now. Maybe if they knock Jax off she can get one of his kidneys, and we never have to worry about him showing up again. If only, if only.

  11. LT says:

    Let’s hope “Jax” comes back and tells Port Charles that he bought the entire town and everyone needs to move away. Then just cancel it all!

  12. laura says:

    Jax Jax Jax!!!! Awesome news. Now if only Brenda would come back with them… my favorite soap couple

  13. N says:

    Good for Ingo

  14. Lily says:

    They had better not be breaking up Sonny and Carly with this idiot. I hope his return is temporary and he only stays for Jocelyn’s kidney story. If Sonny and Carly break up again I’m done with GH.

  15. Deb says:

    Love, love love Jax finally coming back. Hook him up with Elizabeth.

  16. Taylor says:

    Glad to hear Jax will be back. I’m over the mob story lines and haven’t watched in awhile because of it. Never could stand the character of Sonny just obnoxious and self centered. I always like the character of Jax especially in the beginning but didn’t really like how they started it changing it along the way so hope the writers make his character more like he was was in the beginning but I definitely don’t want him with Carly, that’s overplayed.

  17. shirley says:

    Don’t really care anymore.
    Had enough of ABC. Hope GH Fans enjoy what ever is coming.

  18. Jax is delicious! I am really glad he is coming back. He and Carly were great together. Of all the male soap stars, he is the one I dream about.

  19. Janet says:

    So excited to have jax back. He needs a good love interest.

  20. Tammy says:

    Brenda and jaxx need to finally be happy together

  21. Tammy Robertson says:

    I think after this long they should finally let brenda and jaxx be happy together