Fear TWD Walking Dead Crossover

Why Fear the Walking Dead Can't Stage a Crossover with The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead’s Daryl is never going to teach Fear the Walking Dead’s Nick how to shoot a crossbow. TWD’s Carol is never going to share her post-apocalyptic cookie recipe with Fear TWD’s Madison. TWD’s Negan is never going to take a swing at Fear TWD’s Strand. And here’s why.

“As interesting as the ways that [TWD showrunner] Scott [M. Gimple] & Co. are able to shift the comic book narrative and really explore that, there is no Fear TWD” in that universe, Fear TWD executive producer Dave Erickson tells TVLine. The spinoff “didn’t come from the comic, so some tectonic plates would have to shift to make [a crossover] happen.”

There’s also the little matter of location, location, location. Since Fear TWD is set on the West Coast, “from a geographical standpoint, it’s going to be very difficult for us to ever get to the East Coast,” Erickson notes. “And from a narrative standpoint, with [TWD] being six seasons in and going on seven, I don’t think we’ll ever quite catch up with them, so chronologically, it would be difficult as well.”

Fear TWD Walking Dead CrossoverWhich is too bad — a meeting between TWD’s embattled survivors and Fear TWD’s dysfunctional blended family might win over some of the spinoff’s detractors. “I don’t know the stats, but I think there are people who do like both shows,” says Erickson, adding with a laugh, “I think there are, like, seven people on the planet who haven’t seen TWD, and we’ve got those guys.

“My hope is that at a certain point — and it’ll probably never happen — but if we stay on the air long enough, people will stop comparing the shows as much,” he continues. “I don’t think that’ll ever go away, but they are two separate stories with similar rules taking place in the same universe that was created by Robert [Kirkman] in the comics. There’s room for two shows that have their own tone but are different in terms of characters and locations. That would be my hope.”

What do you think? Will fans — will you — ever give up comparing TWD and Fear TWD? Hit the comments.

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  1. NM says:

    The only crossover I expect is if FtWD is canceled and they decide to have the (surviving) characters on TWD guest stint or recur.

    • Seda Tulu says:

      I agree, the only way it would work is if FTWD ends soon and one or two characters from the show turn up up on TWD for example Nick and one of the others are at the Kingdom or something and we see them meet the WD characters as what they have become and maybe get some flashbacks as to how they came to be at that point and possibly how/if the others from FTWD died.

      • This I could see. But are any of the FTWD characters worth surviving? Think it would make a statement to kill them all. In TWD Universe, No One is Safe!

      • Ben says:

        Yeah!. It need a time skip and a final season to wrap up the lame boring stories and end up for good… with only Nick surviving and joining to TWD… uhhgg… i wish that Daniel (“sane” Daniel) and Tobias were still alive and in the main cast tho.. those characters could had been a great additions to TWD as well.

    • Fear TWD will be over after season 3, TWD will still be going.

    • Mel says:

      Not going cancel !

  2. lechatnoir says:

    It could work as a prequel though . Carol skipped town with her daughter to escape an abusive female lover , start from there and build it up. And vuala !

    • Dan says:

      I love “vuala” and I’m taking it, k?

    • A. Deans says:

      Maybe if you watch ftwd and not compare you’ll love it. I was one of the first to watch and tell everyone about twd. I fell in love with it and watched and paid for the seasons before air on iTunes . But honestly I haven’t seen the last 2 seasons. I fell behind on the dvr and won’t watch any till I see them in order. Now I started watching the ftwd and I love it better then the twd. You just keep watching on hulu and it will grow on you. I truly love it more then twd and that’s crazy to ME. Someday I’ll get back to twd shows but for now I’m up to date on ftwd so I’m watching this instead. After a few episodes I really started liking it but it also helped that I stopped twd for a couple years so I wasn’t comparing like most. I love crossovers like the Simpsons and family guy. Even spin offs like friends and joey. I know people hate them and they get bad reviews but I love them so I pray that they can cross them over at some point since their my 2 favorite shows. Amazing comment about adding twd people from earlier seasons so their in the same time line wow let’s do it.

    • A. Deans says:

      I freaking love that idea you are a genius not even joking. It’s gotta happen so we can get back some of the original characters from twd. I hope the producer’s see this it’s genius. AMAZING!!!!

  3. Well, from what I’ve seen so far none of these FTWD characters would live long enough to make it across country. In fact, I’m amazed they’survived as long as they have.

  4. Shaw says:

    The only crossover I think they could do, is the Hispanic couple who left the original group at the end of season , when everyone else went to the CDC they drove.west to look for family…

    • Jenni says:

      I’ve thought about them from time to time, and thought it’s good to have that hanging out there to maybe come back to sometime.

  5. Original Recipie says:

    Please don’t mix greatness with mediocrity. Fear is NOT worthy

  6. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    This show is a waste. I still can’t believe this Sh*t got renewed for a lousy 3rd 😴😴😴😴yawn.

  7. Allison says:

    God, Fear is so much better than TWD. I hope they don’t stoop to piling up cheap characters death the way the flagship series has. So boring and played out. At least Fear is coming at it from a different perspective.

    • Pssssshhh! says:

      What flavor Kool-Aid is that you’re drinking?

      • Allison says:

        Literally said why I prefer the show. TWD spends all their time introducing side characters to kill them off 6 episodes later. It’s boring and overdone at this point.

        • Spence says:

          Sadly I agree with Allison about the side characters, which is a criticism to both shows in my mind. Fear and TWD need to up their game and remind us just how violent and heartbreaking the apocalypse is and actually kill some major characters again.

    • Bobbi cook says:

      Na… I love both shows.

  8. Kate says:

    I’ve sort of thought that a cross over was conceivably possible, like, I know Negan is just from New Jersey, but like say they could have changed that to being from the L.A. area and just had a beginning introduction of a bad guy who is either coming up or who is already dead on the original show. Like, I really thought any of the soldiers could have been a character we are just meeting or whatever because given the fact that they are just getting to the time that Rick woke up, it could take a person awhile to cross the country at this point.

  9. R.O.B. says:

    Maybe will never happen with TWD but I’d be on board with a Flash/Supergirl/FTWD crossover.

  10. Well says:

    I actually love FTWD and can’t stand TWD so…

  11. A fan of TV says:

    It’s my opinion that Dave Erickson, as The Power That Is, needs to shift those tectonic plates to make that happen, because this show is spiralling out of his control into a storytelling mess. Reel it in and give the people who tuned into the show in the first place a reminder of why they did that, or I just think the show will lose them. I’ve got one and a half feet out the door, personally. Even something simple like we meet Morales again or at the very least find out his family’s fate, find out Madison and Shane are siblings…the little things that ground these two stories in the same universe would be more than sufficient for the fans of the series that Fear is losing every week.

  12. KLS says:

    They are doing a lot of interviews and explaining why we should be watching FTWD. Good shows usually don’t need this.

    • A fan of TV says:

      Not true. It’s just that when good shows are promoting themselves heavily, it doesn’t feel like we’re being beat over the head with someone else’s opinion just because we happen to agree with it.

  13. Tony says:

    His explanation about FTWD not existing in the comics makes absolutely no sense seeing as its been made abundantly clear the show isn’t following the comics exactly.

    And has the guy ever heard of time jumps?

    Last, it’s not a novel concept to cross country. So I don’t see why geography would be a problem.

    • mooshki says:

      I agree. Saying that the show(s) should be led by the comics is stupid. Different genres call for different story-telling methods.

    • Michael says:

      Maybe he’s just saying that so we don’t expect it when it actually happens

    • Samm says:

      It may not be a novel concept, but have you noticed any planes still flying? They would have to run into a pilot with a plane, willing to fly these strangers. Why? Especially as the heavier the plane the more fuel it uses. The backwoods of Georgia isn’t known for its many areas open enough to land a plane. Why would they fly there? However, if they dropped a plane onto Ngan before he started clubbing, I wouldn’t mind.

  14. M3rc_Nate says:

    I think there is potential for crossover in that even if the show was cancelled today, a character like Nick or Alex (Flight 462 Asian character) could show up on TWD having survived the amount of time that separates the two shows and having trekked cross country because __________ (maybe they had family in DC? Maybe they heard about a cure or a government on the East coast? writers can find good reasons). Just have them show up looking similar to how Michonne looked when she premiered on the show (war torn, PTSD, well traveled, dirty, etc).
    Also that is another time I have heard ““My hope is that at a certain point — and it’ll probably never happen — but if we stay on the air long enough, people will stop comparing the shows as much,” and it is getting annoying. I am pretty active on reddit and on some sites (like here) and rarely if ever see anyone comparing the shows. Yes at first with season one there were (fair) comparisons, especially with the pacing and character types being so different. But by now FTWD is it’s own show and almost everyone I see recognizes that.

  15. RC says:

    There are tons of private airports which would be perfectly intact for anyone with any piloting experience to pick up a small jet and fly to Texas, then refuel or switch planes and finish heading towards DC in search of answers or protection from the US government. A radio broadcast or bad info from someone they meet could push them in that direction, so traveling from LA or Pacific Mexico to Alexandria isn’t that far fetched. In between seasons you could easily have a year or more pass of “things are quiet while the main characters are farming and scavenging” as we have seen in TWD, although I am sure nobody on FTWD can grow a beard like Andrew Lincoln to prove the passage of time.

  16. PaoloAKhan says:

    I just don’t get all the hate for FTWD! FTWD offers a very different perspective than TWD with the story centers on the early stage of the zombie outbreak. You can feel the “realness” of it. In fact in some ways FTWD is a lot more interesting than TWD because you see the progression from normal world into the apocalypse. You can’t just compare both! FTWD is more like “dawn of the dead” while TWD is going a little more like “Resident Evil” these days. If you are a true zombie-genre fans, you would appreciate the two shows for sure

  17. DM says:

    Fear lacks group unity. There has been little to no cooperation among the characters; only deceit, secrecy, and back-stabbing…hard to get emotionally invested in dysfunctional, egocentric people with soap opera problems that need to take a back seat to the apocalypse. Only three characters have demonstrated “survival loyalty”: Tobias, the high school kid and Alex and Jake, the plane’s survivors, and at least two of these are history. There’s no real “heart”; hence the constant comparisons to its heart-wrenching predecessor.

  18. mark says:

    any person from fear could leave the show and then appear on twd and tell the actors that they have traveled from l.a across country looking for other people , the time works
    anyone from the past years who lived like the couple who left rick and the group at the road to go find family in season 2 or 3 could also end up on fear next season , you just have to get the timing right

  19. sk says:

    I like the walking dead and will watch it. I do not like Fear the walking dead. I watched the first one and will not watch any more.

  20. Petethemeat says:

    You cannot compare the two shows.while they happen to be in the same universe, they’re two totally completely different stories…
    1. So far fears timeline hasn’t gotten also the point where Rick has woken up from his coma.. It’s only be a few weeks from the first episode to where they are now.. You can’t expect these people to become hardcore zombie slayers, when they think the world can still be put back together..
    If you recall season 1, rick and co made some stupid mistakes and took them a while to learn how to survive properly and even still mistakes happen..

    I enjoy both shows, although TWD is and will be an all time favorite of mine since the comics first dropped. Fear focuses on totally different issues, survival tactics and people still holding onto the “old” ways

    With that said.. I do agree that some of the story telling on fear has been sloppy, and thrown together at points, maybe the prob isn’t the show and actors buy the writer/producer Dave erickson

  21. Sage says:

    How about you guys kill the entire cast and get a new one? Thanks.

  22. klepp0906 says:

    I watch and love both. Season 2 of ftwd was a big improvement over season 1 IMO. People who couldn’t stay interested due to the short shallow pace of season 1 should give it another shot.

  23. Radha says:

    I’ve never compared the two and enjoy both. People like to complain too much. Just either watch or don’t watch.

  24. Seymour says:

    Ftwd sucks and boring. Their season finales arent even impressive….

  25. Terre erdnann says:

    I never compare them. They are unique unto themselves. I only wish Fear would pick up the pace. A little more action and less drama. I feel it is past the point of deep character development. We can learn more as they evolve through the trauma of the apocalypse. Basically a good show though. Love my TWD more though, guess it’s a loyalty thing

  26. Xhaz says:

    Nick is the original Whisperer! So, he could certainly show up post-Negan.

  27. sandra perry says:

    i wish they would meet that way the walking dead could be on all year!! lol

  28. bluntedkid says:

    If Madison’s last name turns out to be GRIMES, hen we better and should fet a cross-over of some kind!!!!! They can make ot happen!!!

  29. Samm says:

    With the exception of Strand, the characters aren’t very deep. Madison gets points for locking the Senora in with the dead, but even with her family she’s kind of cold & bossy. Nick is written better. Ruben Blades’ character went from competence to delusion in 1 episode. Didn’t buy it at all. If anything the familiarity of being in a Spanish-speaking country should have been reassuring. He has the responsibility of ensuring his daughter survives, something which would have held him together. There’s the crazy son, and the other daughters rarely are memorable. There needs to be better character development.

  30. Cc says:

    Well rick woke up like 2, 3 months after everything started so the events of fear TWD should eventually catch up to date with rick since its kind of like past events that leads up to the present of TWD

  31. I wish eventually the two groups would meet!

  32. Bob Wood says:

    I’m sorry if they really wanted to make a cross over work they could do it, they could always find another ship ECT I just think Robert Kirkman is a suborn SOB. In his last interview to had said that he knows exactly what caused the out break, the virus, then just like a true ass he said we won’t tell that story because its not as important as our main cast.

  33. Bob says:

    All arguments saying it would not be possible could easily be countered with a single time jump. TV shows have massive time jumps between seasons all the time. Also, just because there has been over 6 season of the one show, doesn’t necessarily mean 6 years have passed. A simple time lapse after a season break with Alycia and her mother migrating to the east side of the country with minor flashbacks showing how they got there. Problem solved.

  34. lind says:

    I watch both. the guy that is beating on Nic on the last episode at the border. sure looks like the guy from The Walking Dead. on the new episode from the kingdom like one of negan’s men.

  35. Bobbi cook says:

    Na… I love both shows.

  36. Bobbi cook says:

    Na… I love both shows.

  37. Rachael says:

    I love both shows. I love the actors on both. I am sad they killed off Glen and a few others. But both shows have a great flow.

    • Brian Wilson says:

      I would like to see. Once pon. A time. Crossover. Walking dead. I would like to see queen Regina. Team up with walking r.

    • Brian Wilson says:

      I would like to see. Once pon. A time. Crossover. Walking dead. I would like to see queen Regina. Team up with walking And also the Goosebumps tvshow welcome to Dead house Team up with walking .

    • Brian Wilson says:

      I would like to see. Once pon. A time. Crossover. Walking dead. I would like to see queen Regina. Team up with rick and carl grime And also the Goosebumps Tv show.welcom to the dead house Team up with rick and carl grime

  38. FTWD says:

    Look, that’s a lie. If nothing else, they could take another boat over to the south. Also, they could easily cross them over with some of the characters from the EARLIER time in the apocolypse. What if they ended up being in the same camp Michonne was in, when it got overrun? What about Daryl and his brothers group before Team Family? Hell, have them be in an earlier Negan group! There are many possibilities, honestly.

  39. Brian Wilson says:

    I would like to. See. Classic movies. Agent carter. And also vampire diaries. And. Also original. And. Also west world. And. Also. Titanic. And also Ghosts Town. From. 1988. And. Wonder Woman. ghost cowboys and ghost western girls. And also Damond cowboys and also. Damon Western girls And also vampire cowboys and also vampire western gril. Also. Gotham with poison ivy and catwoman. And Barbara Kane Gordon and also James Gordon. Iron fist. And also. Haven. And also The 100. And also. Jessica jone. All team up with Rick and carl Grime.🤠

    • Brian Wilson says:

      I would like to see. Original. BEWITCHED. Also. Original BRADY BUNCH. AND ALSO Original. GET SMART Crossover With WALKING DEAD 🤠

  40. Brian Wilson says:

    I would like to see nation z crossover with walking dead. Zombies vs. The walker. And Nagan gang members 🤠

  41. Tj says:

    I love both shows, they are separate and you can’t compare one with the other. I think it would be great to combine the two. Meet somewhere in the middle in the mountains In Colorado. The haven’t done a shoot of how that area would be like

  42. Brian Wilson says:

    I would like to see bring walking dead crossover with American Dad. Rick Grimes Team up us angent Stan smith . With. Cartoon. And real world 🤠.

  43. Larissa says:

    I think it would be great fot the two shows to meet but reading along it is true how they both are quiet different and unique! TWD has a little more excitement and thrill as fear TWD has more of a story line. I think its better to keep the shows different … twd is better and is always going 2 be! (But Fear TWD is still good to watch when waiting for the next season of TWD!!)

  44. kademby says:

    Yes I watch both and Z Nation. I’d find it crazy entertaining if ftwd and twd met up! Lol…oh and long live Daryl!

  45. Timothy says:

    Will always compare just because we want a crossover 😍👌

  46. Lorenzo Balistraie says:

    I love both The Walking Dead and fear The Walking Dead , I’m a huge fan of both of the series. I would love to see the two crossover I mean eventually no matter how far ahead The Walking Dead goes it’s going to be at the end of the comics, at which time you would think Fear the Walking Dead would catch up on the timeline or it’s TV they could make it happen. At which point in time they could combine the two shows I mean ultimately I would love to see that happen but if both shows popularity is up there why would they lose one show that’s getting good ratings if they both are. But I mean come on we could see Nick and Carol hanging out or Madison and Rick hooking up I mean my Sean would probably get past but then who knows maybe should go with Stran I mean he could be by he doesn’t just have to be gay right I love the shows I could go on anon with the possibilities .

  47. Lorenzo Balistraie says:

    My Comment got a kind of a little lost at the end of their Its due to auto correct sorry if you can’t make sense of it, However wouldn’t it be cool if the Hispanic couple that left when they were at the CDC on TWD and headed west came back with some of the FTWD characters and that’s how they hooked up the two shows ?Im such a zombie freak Ive loved zombie movies since I was a little boy and seen Return of the living dead at the movie theater with my big sister when I was in third grade ever since then I’ve been hooked . I love both shows and I think Madison is starting to show she can be a bad a** and How About Nick letting the old man Teach him how to shoot just to be the one to put a bullet between his eyes, Then Madison’s Takes his head to the Natives…. YOU GO MADISON…..