Fall TV Preview

Fall TV Poll: Which New Shows Are You Most Looking Forward To?

Fall TV Poll Popularity

The Fall TV season may be a long 15 weeks away, but frankly it is never too soon to gauge your interest in the many shiny and new (or new-ish) shows heading to your TV screen.

Already, TVLine has handed you the tools to see What’s New for the fall (including full descriptions and cast lists) as well as take stock of What’s On When, and Versus What (handily listing the day, time and competition for every broadcast series). We’ve also shared with you the trailers for all the new shows on ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and The CW.

Review that bounty of Fall Preview assets, then cast your vote for the FOUR new dramas and TWO freshman comedies that you are most anxious to start watching — even before TVLine’s First Impression series and, later, full reviews start filling your eyeholes. Or, just make hard-and-fast judgements based on the painfully succinct synopsis listed alongside each poll option. It’s that simple.

Fun fact: Last year, Supergirl, Quantico and Blindspot led the dramas poll, while Scream Queens was the most anticipated new comedy.

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