Sharknado 4 Teaser Trailer: Strippers Join the Battle to Defend Las Vegas

Sharknado 4 Trailer

Considering how over-the-top the Sharknado franchise is, we’re surprised it took Syfy this long to bring it to Sin City.

The network on Wednesday released the first teaser trailer for the series’ fourth installment — cleverly titled The Fourth Awakens — and it looks like what happens in Vegas… slays in Vegas. (Why Syfy didn’t go with that tagline, despite my dozens of phone calls to the network, I’ll never know.)

In addition to a few shots of Ian Ziering’s Fin, the teaser also reveals how the residents of Vegas plan to fend off their razor-toothed assailants. Not only do we see (what appears to be) a Wolverine impersonator going claw-to-fin with one of the sharks, but we also see what happens when a Chippendales dancer unleashes his pelvic thrusts of fury. (It ain’t pretty.)

So, yes, it’s going to be even more ridiculous than you could have possibly imagined.

Hit PLAY on the teaser trailer below, then drop a comment: Will you be watching on July 31?

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