Wayward Pines Sneak Peek: Rebecca Wants Theo to Slap Out of It

There’s no “Thwack!” or “Pow!” graphic in the style of the Batman TV series of the late 1960s, but trust us when we say you’ll still feel the sting when Wayward Pines‘ Rebecca plants a crisp slap on Theo’s face during this week’s episode (Wednesday, 9/8c on Fox).

What else is a woman to do when her man keeps insisting that it’s only been three days, not three years, since they’ve been together — and that everything happening in the moment is a product of his hallucination?

Indeed, Theo’s extended stint in a cryogenic chamber notwithstanding, he and Rebecca “need to figure out a way to survive in Wayward Pines — like everyone else,” she sagely notes. But will his doctorly doubts get in the way?

Pres PLAY above for TVLine’s exclusive preview video, then hit the comments and tell us if you think the at-odds duo can make it work!

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