David Schwimmer Hit With Friends-ly Jabs in Late Late Show Rap Battle Video

Ross Geller might have lacked a certain musical ability, but David Schwimmer brought the house down during an epic rap battle with James Corden.

Just days after introducing his “Drop the Mic” segment opposite Anne Hathaway, Corden on Thursday challenged the People v. O.J. Simpson star to a hip-hop duel. After the Late Late Show host took jabs at Schwimmer’s portrayal of Robert Kardashian and his inability to get in touch with Jennifer Aniston, the former Friend took the the comedian down a peg with digs at his pre-late night resume.

Later, both men were obliterated by unexpected third competitor Rebel Wilson. The Pitch Perfect star secured her win when she equated Schwimmer’s career to an infamous period of Ross and Rachel melodrama.

Watch the three-way battle above, then hit the comments with an answer to this question: Should Corden have waited at least a week to “Drop the Mic” again, or was it worth giving it a second go in just 48 hours to hear Schwimmer rap?

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