Pretty Little Liars Wedding Confirmed: Who's Getting Married in Season 7?

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers

Just when you thought that churches in Rosewood were reserved exclusively for funerals, slap matches and murders, along comes this bit of surprising news: There will be an actual wedding in Pretty Little Liars‘ upcoming seventh season!

Though I might be getting a little ahead of myself — there’s no confirmation that the ceremony will actually take place in a church — executive producer Marlene King took to Twitter on Monday to confirm that wedding bells will be chiming in Rosewood this season:

This just leaves us with one question: Who’s getting hitched?!

Alison and Elliott (boo!) have already tied the knot, as have Aria’s parents. And based on Hanna and Caleb’s season finale kiss, I’m assuming the Hanna/Jordan nuptials are being called off. So who does that leave us with? Aria and Ezra? Toby and Spencer?

Remember: This is Pretty Little Liars, where anything — even the sudden re-emergence of a dead mother’s evil twin sister — is possible, so feel free to drop your craziest theories in a comment below.

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