Happy Endings Revival: Is There New Hope for Season 4?

Happy Endings Season 4

We know: That headline reads as if the news contained in this article is going to be amahzing. But it’s only potentially amahzing. You see, although Happy Endings creator David Caspe and his cast would be delighted to regroup for a revival of their prematurely cancelled ABC sitcom, they’ve yet to receive an offer that they couldn’t refuse.

Actually, they’ve yet to receive an offer that they could even consider seriously. “A lot of [them] have been to do, like, six episodes shot on an iPhone,” Caspe said at a Vulture Festival Happy Endings reunion (per the Huffington Post). That’s “not what anyone wants.”

Since the panel discussion was sponsored by Hulu, it could be a seen as a sign of renewed interest in the beloved series on the part of the streaming service (which rescued The Mindy Project from the chopping block after it was axed by Fox). If Hulu did at last pick up Happy Endings — three years later! — Caspe and EP Jonathan Groff suggested that Season 4 might flirt with a romance between Casey Wilson‘s Penny and Zachary Knighton’s Dave.

What do you think? Would you be down with a Penny/Dave pairing? Or would you be down with basically anything that got us another season?