Gotham Finale Sneak Peek: Posing as Gordon, Can Clayface Fool Bullock?

Something’s a bit… off… about GCPD Detective Jim Gordon, as seen in this sneak peek from the Season 2 finale of Fox’s Gotham (airing Monday at 8/7c).

When last we tuned in, Gordon, Bruce and Lucius had each infiltrated Arkham Asylum, looking for the location of Professor Strange’s top-secret, topsy-turvy laboratory — only to all get captured.

While Bruce and Lucius are threatened with poison gas by Nygma, unless they spill all they know about Strange’s extracurricular endeavors, Gordon was strapped into a gizmo that ultimately transferred his face onto incarcerated actor Basil Karlo aka Clayface.

When “Gordon” returns to the GCPD, will he pass muster with partner Harvey Bullock? Press play above to see Clayface’s “performance.”

Elsewhere in the season ender, titled “Transference,” the city of Gotham will be met with a new threat as Strange’s inmates devise a plan to escape… and start new lives.