Vampire Diaries Video: Candice King Shares 'Kinky' Idea for Stefan and Caroline, No Hope for 'Klaroline'

After a seventh season of magical pregnancies, broken engagements and dramatic reunions, Candice King is hoping for slightly more chill storylines on The Vampire Diaries this fall. (Yeah, good luck with that.)

Speaking to TVLine at The CW Upfront on Thursday, King — after acknowledging that her character will likely wrestle with her decision to send Alaric and the twins back to Dallas without her — offered up a truly wild idea for Stefan and Caroline’s next step as a couple: a “proper date!”

“I think they’ve had kind-of dates, but she was pregnant,” King said. “It was a very interesting start to a relationship for them. So maybe some normalcy. I think that would be kinky for them.”

But if you’re also hoping that Caroline will find time to check in with her ol’ pal Klaus, you might want to pull back on your expectations.

“They weren’t even together!” King said of this season’s big crossover moment between both halves of “Klaroline.” She added, “I have not seen Joseph [Morgan] in so long. … Everyone else has worked with him, and all we’ve done is a phone call. It’s just hilarious in the social media world. … I think it’s going to be more interesting for them to never be in the same room. … It would never work, ever.”

Hit PLAY on our interview with King above, then drop a comment with your thoughts: Do you agree?

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