The Catch's Mireille Enos Previews 'Fairytale' Finale, Alice/Rhys Faceoff

the catch finale

“I choose you.”

While The Catch‘s Ben dropped that romantic declaration on Alice — along with the revelation that he’d turned himself in to Agent Dao — at the end of last week’s episode, tonight’s two-part season finale (9/8c on ABC) will reveal whether the unlikely lovers can actually make it work.

“They’re definitely going to try to find a way to be together, but there are big, big forces at work against them,” previews series star Mireille Enos. “In these last two hours, these two worlds that have stayed very separate all season [Alice’s private investigation firm and the criminal enterprise that employs Ben] are going to come crashing in on each other.”

The action goes down at a verrry wealthy wedding that’s been tabbed as a money-making opportunity for the nefarious Kensington Firm — a development Enos describes as “wonderfully circular, seeing how the [pilot episode] centered on a wedding that didn’t happen. There’s something very fairytale about it. And Alice and Ben are going to be indulging in the idea of that fairytale: ‘What if we could make everything else go away and be together?'”

Before that, though, Alice will have a couple more therapy sessions with Sonya Walger’s Margot — the second of which will occur after Enos’ character figures out the woman’s true identity. “Alice walks into the room and knows full well who she’s sitting across the table from. It’s pretty great,” the actress teases. “Sonya’s work in those scenes is so gorgeous: You register the danger of the situation, but also Margot’s own heartbreak.”

Alice will also “end up in a room, spend a little time together” with Margot’s brother Rhys,” Enos adds, with a giggle — and the fact that he threatened last week to Ben that he might do harm to his lady love makes the moment quite tense. “Rhys is a crazy person. He’s lovable — but really crazy, erratic and unpredictable,” she says, noting how the character recently killed two federal agents without the slightest hesitation. “He killed Felicity at the drop of a hat, too, and she was intimate to him.”

That suspense plays into what Enos promises will be a finale that plays like a big-screen thriller. “At the movies, we love The Thomas Crown Affair, Ocean’s Eleven, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. But it’s a genre you don’t usually get on television. [The Season 1 finale] is a wonderful version of that on your TV.”

Are you excited about The Catch Season 1 finale? Do you think Alice and Ben can make it work? Sound off below!

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