Grey's Anatomy Finale Video: Can Owen Get Amelia to the Church on Time?

It’s going to take a village to snap Amelia out of her pre-wedding funk in Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy finale, and we’ve got an exclusive first look at the 11th hour intervention.

As Caterina Scorsone previously previewed to TVLine, “everything kind of explodes” for Amelia on the morning of the nuptials over a “perceived lack of support” from her family (read: most of them RSVP’d “no”). As a result, the bride-to-be locks her sad self in the bathroom and — despite the best efforts of sisters Maggie and Meredith (but mostly Maggie) — she refuses to come out.

Next thing you know, Owen rushes in and attempts his own emergency extraction using a little secret weapon called his heart.

Press PLAY above to see the special message he delivers to his possibly-future wife, and then head to the comments with your thoughts on whether this wedding can — or should? — be saved!