Game of Thrones Photos: The Night's King Returns, Plus: A New Melisandre?

R’hllor certainly likes his emissaries to be photogenic, doesn’t he? The Lord of Light’s latest acolyte, Kinvara, makes her debut in this week’s Game of Thrones — and these photos from the episode, titled “The Door,” give us a very good look at the comely new red priestess played by Ania Bukstein.

(Now seems a good time to remind everyone that Kinvara is wearing a ruby choker identical to Melisandre’s. And we all know what happens when that thing comes off…)

In the preview that followed last week’s episode, Kinvara shows up in Daenerys’ home territory, informing Varys and Tyrion that “Knowledge has made you powerful. But there’s still so much you don’t know.” If this speech ends in leeches and flames, Tyrion, may we humbly suggest getting a second opinion?

(You may have noticed that Kinvara is not the added red priestess we reported on late last year. The night is dark and full of casting mysteries!)

The photos also show Bran surrounded by the Night’s King and his army of white walkers, which we last saw in Season 5’s “Hardhome.” Spoiler alert: He is as scary as ever. Also: Sansa and Littlefinger cross paths, Arya revisits the Hall of Faces and Jon has a dubious look on his face.

Click through the gallery below to get a look at the Sunday’s episode (HBO, 9/8c).

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