Mariah's World on E!: Watch the Trailer

“I’m like anybody else,” says Mariah Carey in the first trailer for her upcoming E! reality show, Mariah’s World. But everything else in the promo suggests that she’s only like us if we live in a mansion, attend insanely lavish parties and have made a rule of never being seen under fluorescent lights without sunglasses on. (Tres ’90s, and she knows it.)

The eight-episode series follows Carey as she slaves away on her “Sweet Sweet Fantasy” tour and prepares to tie the knot with James Packer, a businessman from Down Under, in “the most important event that’s ever happened.” Oh, and as far as the teaser lets on, she also spends a fair amount of time insisting that no one really knows her. Still, she thinks “I owe this to the fans.”

Press PLAY above, and take a look, then hit the comments to discuss (a) whether you’ll be visiting Mariah’s World and (b) whether you agree that the pop diva is “like anybody else.”

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