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Faking It Boss Expands on Series Finale Twists, Shares Dream Season 4 Ideas

Faking It Series Finale

Tuesday’s Faking It (series!) finale may have ended with an emotional rendition of “Auld Lang Syne,” but these old acquaintances shall never be forgot…ten.

TVLine spoke with showrunner Carter Covington about a few of the night’s big twists, as well as what he had planned for Season 4 — but first, a quick recap:

Upon realizing that Amy was still heartbroken over Sabrina — and, more importantly, that Sabrina could give Amy the love she wasn’t able to — Karma arranged for the reformed liar to speak her truth at the big New Year’s Eve party. And speak her truth she did, eliciting tears (and forgiveness!) from Amy.

Meanwhile, Shane proved his love for Noah by standing up to his transphobic brother, and Lauren and Liam’s midnight kiss proved to be more than a mere publicity stunt when both halves of #Booper felt undeniable sparks. Speaking of kissing, the episode — and the series, sadly — ended with a lip lock between Karma and… Felix?!

OK, time to talk to Covington:

TVLINE | I don’t know what this says about me, but I laughed really hard when Karma’s house burned down.
[Laughs] Well, it took us forever to get the VFX of the house burning, so I’m glad you liked it. We needed to think of some way to get Amy and Karma into the same house.

TVLINE | I also appreciated that Amy and Karma looked way hotter than everyone else at the party. I guess that’s been a running theme all along, though.
It’s so true. If you go back and look at the pilot, we went for realism. It now feels very separate from the rest of the show, because after the pilot, we were all kind of like, “OK, maybe we went too real.” Ever since then, it’s been a glam squad. Amy and Karma’s wardrobes were absurd for high school students, especially when Karma was homeless for a while.

TVLINE | OK, let’s talk about Lauren and Liam. Did this idea randomly, or have you wondered about them as a couple for a while?
We have always wondered, and we kind of tested it out in two scenes. We had one where Lauren and Theo talked in the gym about Theo, back when we met Duke at the gym, and we had a moment at the hoedown where he came outside and consoled her. In both of those scenes, we felt they had real chemistry as actors. In a show with five leads, the more you can mix up who’s interested in who and complicate that, the better. It felt like moving Liam and Lauren into each other’s spheres would be a great way to develop their characters and add complication to the show.

TVLINE | It sort of reminds me of That ’70s Show, when Eric’s mom tells them, “You kids change partners more than square dancers.”
We loved the challenge of how we would built them up to being a couple and get viewers to go along with it. Based on the fans’ comments, I’m glad people seem to be into it, rather than saying, ‘This is stupid and makes no sense.’ It’s really exciting.

TVLINE | Moving onto Sabrina… Why should we trust her this time?
We really saw Sabrina coming in and giving Amy what Karma couldn’t give her, which is a friend who also shares attraction and wants more out of the relationship. I think when Sabrina stands up to her and says, ‘Yes, I did all of these horrible things, but now I realize why,’ it will hopefully excuse her past actions. She wasn’t lying, she really wanted to be Amy’s best friend — and the reason she wanted to be Amy’s best friend was because she had feelings for her. It’s a little much to say everything was done in love, but in her situation, she was making these moves because she wanted to be close to her.

TVLINE | I know you’ve said your biggest regret was not exploring “Karmy” as a couple. Do you think that really could have worked?
I’m writing a little piece for fans where I say what I envisioned for Season 4, and I always felt like the story was: Can Karma and Amy’s friendship survive all of this? And I did like the idea that Karma would, at some point, wonder why she has so much trouble seeing Amy happy with other people. I’d like to see her realize, “Maybe I’ve made a mistake,” and then the two of them could explore dating. In some ways, the relationship would be great, but it still wouldn’t be 100 percent a fit. They’d decide that their friendship is what’s most important and move on. That’s really how I always intended on telling their story. I never envisioned Karma and Amy riding off a cliff, holding hands like Thelma and Louise. The happy ending is that their friendship has survived and they remain the most important people in each other’s lives. What people really respond to the show is having a person who always has your back and loves you unconditionally. The romantic part of it is less important.

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