The Mysteries of Laura: Capt. Hauser's Return, a Proposal Twist and More of What Would've Happened in Season 3

The Mysteries of Laura Season 2

A bit of good news for fans of The Mysteries of Laura fans who ‘ship Laura and her ex-husband, Jake: The two were eventually going to get back together.

A bit of bad news for those same fans: That reconciliation will never happen, because the NBC drama was cancelled Saturday. However, showrunner Jeff Rake recently spoke to our sister site Deadline about what the series’ third season would have looked like.

First and foremost, Jake’s girlfriend Jen (played by The Office‘s Jenna Fischer), knowing he was still in love with his former wife, would have given him back his engagement ring. But before Laura and her man would’ve reunited, Jake would’ve wanted to divulge all the specifics about his affair that led to their divorce.

That confession would’ve led to a series of flashback episodes, which would’ve shown the characters at different places in their careers; it also would have meant Enrico Colantoni’s Captain Dan Hauser would’ve returned to the series.

Eventually, Laura would’ve learned that Jake’s mistress was a witness in a case that Laura and Jake had worked back in 2014, and the other woman lied during her testimony. So the pair would’ve re-opened the investigation — and the mistress would’ve stuck around for a while after.

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