Vampire Diaries Finale: EP Previews Caroline's Choice, 'Bamon' Resolution

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers

There’s a lot going down on Friday’s Vampire Diaries finale (The CW, 8/7c) — but let’s be real, there’s nothing more important than the fate of our favorite pairings.

To that end, TVLine bugged executive producer Julie Plec for a few teases about the episode’s relational developments, beginning with Caroline, who last week refused to answer Stefan’s question about her feelings for Alaric.

“She’s definitively going to declare where her heart lies, for better or worse for our men who are wondering,” Plec confirmed.

As for Bonnie and Damon — keep in mind, she nearly drove a stake through his heart when last they met — they’ll also come to an understanding, albeit through unconventional means.

“This is very cryptic, but they don’t come face to face in the finale,” Plec said. “That’s not to say their relationship is not without resolution, but it’s mysteriously not able to happen in person.”

Your thoughts on these teases? Hopes for the finale? Drop ’em in a comment below. (No spoilers please, Canada.)