The Amazing Race Finale Recap: Did Your Favorite Team Win Season 28?

The Amazing Race Recap

Three social media-friendly teams remained atop Friday’s season finale of The Amazing Race, but only one will get to vlog about winning the $1 million grand prize.

Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl were the favorites to win going into the CBS competition’s final hour — not only have they snagged the most first-place wins, but they also manage not to be jerks about it — with Dana Borriello and Matt Steffanina projected to come in second. (Real talk: Given all the bickering between them, they’ve been their own worst enemies all along.)

And then there were the undeniable underdogs, Sheri and Cole LaBrant. Having barely escaped elimination twice this season, the mother-son duo had the most to prove heading into the grand finale.

Following a death-defying “Leap of Faith,” a dramatic mountain repel and a whole lot of flirting between Tyler and “Brandon,” the first team finally crossed the finish line. And that team was… Dana and Matt! Sheri and Cole finished in second, with Tyler and Korey bringing up the rear.

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