Grey's Recap: Marry-Go-Round

The promos for this week’s Grey’s Anatomy sounded so dramatic that it seemed like a good idea to tune in with defibrillator paddles at the ready. But, when all was said and done, were you really shocked by the “one shocking hook-up” in Season 12’s penultimate episode? Did your jaw really hit the floor when you heard the “two jaw-dropping proposals”? Or were you more taken aback by what wasn’t in the previews? Let’s rewind, then we’ll discuss.

PLAYING HOUSE | First up in “At Last,” Mer was stunned to learn that Owen had bought a house and sold the trailer. These were very positive developments for him, of course, yet it still bummed her out to see him getting rid of something that was once Derek’s. (Her face as the trailer rolled away… sigh.) Later, in surgery with Maggie and Amelia, Owen gave a description of his new place — big, nice yard, in a good school district — that led his girlfriend to ask if he was willing to remarry, which he was. Wait, said Maggie, incredulous. “Are you engaged now?!?” And, in their eyes, they were at least fake-married.

As the hour drew to a close, Owen was showing Amelia the house and discussing the future with her when, all of a sudden, she blurted out, “I want a real life, and I want it with you.” She wanted to be married to him, and not fake-married, either, real-married! To which Owen responded… nothing. Not just at that moment. But, judging from the scenes from next week’s finale, we are definitely heading for a wedding. (So that was one “jaw-dropping proposal” — from reunited to engaged in two weeks flat!)

YES OR JO? | Meanwhile, Mer was so busy sulking over Amelia and Owen, and her own misery, that she hurried away when Alex called her on her BS and told her that he was going to get hitched, and she was going to be his best man. “Deal with it!” he added. First, there was just the little matter of getting Jo to finally accept his proposal. Unfortunately, that night, when he asked again if she’d marry him, she seemed more concerned about the dinner that she’d messed up than about deciding the course of their future. When at last he demanded a simple yes or no, she replied, “I can’t” and shot him down. (Hmm. Not sure this qualified as a “jaw-dropping proposal” since he’d already popped the question in “Things We Lost in the Fire.”)

MAKING CHANGE | Alex wasn’t the only Grey Sloan doc having a craptacular week. Callie, who had decided to stay in Seattle, not only blamed Penny for costing her the custody case, she dumped her lover. To Mer’s credit, she consoled “Derek’s killer” — even submitting to an incredibly awkward hug — and assured her that she was gonna knock ’em dead in New York. (Er, maybe I could’ve worded that better.) Since it appeared that that would be the last we’d see of Penny, your celebrations should commence right… Oh, I see. They’ve already commenced. Carry on, then.

Unfortunately for Callie, things weren’t going much better between her and her ex-wife than between her and her now-ex-girlfriend. While Torres and Arizona had worked out a custody arrangement that would accommodate the ortho’s schedule, Robbins balked when Callie immediately wanted to alter it over and over again. Nope, said Arizona. “You have used up all of my grace!” (Which only makes me more curious about the “beautiful payoff” to this story that Kevin McKidd said the finale would deliver.)

SWAN SONG | As Kyle’s condition worsened, he continued to freeze Stephanie out, and she continued to butt in on his case, stomping on Amelia’s toes in the process. When the guitarist finally had a real conversation with the doctor who broke his heart, they not only agreed that they wanted to be together, he invited her to go on tour with him (and was particularly keen on the idea of her going wild and throwing her bra on stage). First, however, he had to make it through a procedure that even Amelia admitted was risky. At least Shepherd was confident enough that she assured Stephanie that she could pull it off. Alas, right before Amelia scrubbed in, Mer accused her of living Derek’s life, and the procedure wound up going south. Just as Amelia sent Jo to get Stephanie out of the gallery, where she was watching, Kyle’s time of death was called.

SUSPENDED ANIMATION | While Ben and Bailey’s cold war seemed to be getting more playful by the day, Richard encouraged the chief to reinstate her husband sooner than later. To her delight, she got to reply exactly what Webber would have when their roles were reversed: “This is not my problem.”

RUMBLE SEAT | After an uncharacteristically smiley Nathan shared his bacon with Maggie, she seemed downright twitterpated. Before she could act on her crush, though, Nathan called Mer out on her jealousy of Amelia, which only pissed Grey off. (Is anything more infuriating than when someone pegs you correctly?) Instead of smacking him upside the head, she wound up making out with him, and the next thing we knew, they were off to do the back-seat boogie in Mer’s SUV — just like you’d been predicting all season. (Well, maybe not the SUV part.)

Has Nathan won you over enough to make a pairing with Mer palatable? Could you believe Jo turned Alex down? Are you relieved Callie/Penny is over? Hit the comments!

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