CSI: Cyber Cancelled at CBS

CSI: Cyber Cancelled

The CSI era has officially come to an end at CBS.

The Eye network has cancelled CSI: Cyber after two low-rated seasons, TVLine has confirmed.

The demise of the Patricia Arquette-Ted Danson procedural means that CBS will be entering a new TV season without a CSI-branded program on the schedule for the first time in 16 years. CSI: Cyber was the fourth CSI series, following the mothership (which ran from 2000-2015), and fellow spinoffs CSI: Miami (2002-2012) and CSI: NY (2004-2013).

In TVLine’s recent “Keep or Cut” poll, 32 percent of respondents urged CBS to renew the show, while 27 called for its death. The majority — 42 percent — didn’t care either way.

With CSI: Cyber put out to pasture, that leaves CBS with five remaining “bubble” series — Limitless, Code Black, Supergirl, Rush Hour and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.

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