The Flash: Who's the Man in the Iron Mask? Review the Top Candidates

Flash Iron Mask Revealed

When watching The CW’s The Flash these past few months, you get the feeling that the Man in the Iron Mask wants to reveal his identity to us as much as we yearn to know it.

And yet, with just two episodes left in Season 2, the clues (handily tallied here!) have been few and far between, as to whom Zoom is holding captive over there on Earth-Two. That said, the face inside the mask will be revealed in the May 24 finale, and by assorted accounts it will no less than “blow your mind,” make you say, What?!,” “throw you for a loop” and “be very satisfying” (which is always nice).

Is it an Earth-Two doppelgänger we have yet to meet? Is Zoom perhaps keeping prisoner a dearly departed Earth-One hero? Is it Tom Welling in a flight jacket?!

In the slideshow below, TVLine has rounded up some of the most frequently mentioned theories and taken stock of each one’s strengths and weaknesses. Review the possibilities, then weigh in with your final guess.