Bob's Burgers Video: Max Greenfield Has Stolen Louise's Heart!

Max Greenfield as a boy band-er: Though you’ve probably never considered the concept, admit it — it works.

That’s why the New Girl star is a natural fit to voice the character of the teen dreamboat with a stronghold on the Belcher girls in this Sunday’s Bob’s Burgers (8:30/7:30). And we’ve got your exclusive sneak peek.

In the clip above, Tina and Lousie get some troubling news at a Boyz 4 Now fan club meeting: Their favorite band member, Boo Boo (Greenfield), is pulling a Zayn and setting off on a solo career. But Boyz 4 Now’s loss is Louise’s gain… that is, if she can figure out how to win a contest that’ll put her and her sister in his orbit for a short time.

Elsewhere in the episode, Bob and Linda learn something new about the restaurant, and things get really awkward between Bob and Jimmy Pesto. Press PLAY on the video above to watch Louise plot and drool.