Criminal Minds Finale Sneak Peek: Hotch's Morning Is Rudely Interrupted

It looks like JJ, Henry and Jack will need to hitch another ride.

In this exclusive sneak peek from the Season 11 finale of CBS’ Criminal Minds (airing Wednesday at 9/8c), Hotch (played by Thomas Gibson) is getting ready to give JJ (A.J. Cook) and their respective rugrats a ride to work/school when they get a most unexpected visitor (and worse, one that doesn’t knock) — an entire, surly SWAT team!

In the season-ending episode “Storm,” Hotch is apprehended and suspected of conspiracy, prompting the team to scramble to prove his innocence, all while suspecting a larger plot is on the horizon — just as the incarcerated Antonia Slade (guest star Frances Fisher) recently forewarned.

“It’s a very team-centric episode, because ‘stuff’ is hitting the fan and we’re at the center of it,” showrunner Erica Messer shared as part of TVLine’s May Sweeps/Finale Extravaganza. As for how the hour ends, “It’s not a ‘bomb goes off/who survives?’ cliffhanger, but, ‘Oh my god, we thought we won,’ and then, ‘Oh no, we’re just getting started,'” Messer teased. “It’s a really fun, fresh way to launch into Season 12” — which has yet to be formally ordered.

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