John Oliver Recaps Past 17 Years for Cicada Swarm Waking From Slumber

HBO’s Last Week Tonight may have been MIA this Sunday, but John Oliver still had an important public service message to deliver, via an online exclusive.

In the video above, Oliver addresses the swarm of cicadas who were conceived in 1999 and, due to the bugs’ protracted gestation cycle, are only now due to emerge from underground, in time for this summer.

As Oliver notes, the cicadas have a lot to catch up on during their two- to four-week topside existence, so he offers this quick recap of the past 17 years, which touches on such topics as the the World Series win that made Red Sox fans more insufferable, the third President Bush we easily averted and the Destiny’s Child alumna who now rules the planet.

Press play above if you, like the many cicadas named Madison and Tyler, need a refresher on life since 1999.