Seth Meyers: Anti-Trans Bathroom Laws Undermine 'Concept of Self'

Seth Meyers on Thursday spoke out against recently enacted laws discriminating against the transgender community.

The Late Night host took a “Closer Look” at Mississippi and North Carolina’s controversial new bills designed to prevent transgender people from using the restroom for the gender with which they identify.

Meyers, who has previously commented on the prejudicial legislation, was once again encouraged to comment on the ongoing injustice following recent remarks by presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, who has publicly supported the ethically questionable mandates.

“The most absurd impact of these kinds of bathroom bills is you’re actually forcing transgender women, who are women, and transgender men, who are men, to use the wrong bathroom.”

He also compared the legislation’s nonsensical nature to IKEA’s instruction pamphlets in a nod to one of the many companies that support transgender rights.

Watch the thought-provoking segment above.

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