Mistresses Season 4 Trailer: Hold Up! Jerry O'Connell's Shirt Goes... On?!

Mistresses fans know that the ABC soap’s greatest, uncredited co-star is the male abdominal region.

Given that fact, you might be shocked that the show’s Season 4 trailer finds a gray Henley covering up guest-star Jerry O’Connell’s torso, rather than said garment being tossed aside like inconvenient morality, common sense, basic propriety and all those other nuisances for which the show’s titular heroines haven’t got the time or the inclination.

Then again, what goes on had to be off in the first place, right? Which tracks with the news TVLine broke in February about O’Connell’s character Robert, who’ll enter the picture when he’s hired as the manny for Karen’s new infant before things take a turn for the inappropriately romantic. (Oh, Karen, this isn’t what the self-help books mean by work-life balance, girl!)

Other scenes in the 30-second spot find Joss with her hands tied behind her back (literally!); April and Mark in a state of lovey-dovey-ness; and no mentions whatsoever of Calista Raines (last seen preparing to commit suicide in her prison cell).

Press PLAY above for the full plate o’ cray, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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