Grey's Anatomy Cast Hints at 'Potential Disaster' in Season Finale

Grey's Anatomy Finale Spoilers

It wouldn’t be a Grey’s Anatomy finale without a calamity or two. And it appears this year will be no different.

“There’s definitely a potential disaster,” confirms Kelly McCreary (Maggie) of the May 19 season-ender, before quickly adding, “There’s a lot of disaster potential, let’s put it that way.”

Co-star Jesse Williams (Jackson) says viewers should prepare themselves for a “bigger climax” than last year’s closer, which focused mostly on the aftermath of Derek’s death. “This finale is outrageous,” he declares. “The stakes are very, very high, particularly for Jackson and April. There’s a lot to be gained and there’s a hell of a lot to lose.”

Meanwhile, Grey’s newbie Martin Henderson (Nathan) paints a far rosier finale picture, calling the Debbie Allen-directed episode (which is currently in production) “pretty positive” overall. “There are a lot of positive things that come out of the final episode,” he shares. “There’s a lot of humor and some very funny scenes.”

And while Henderson acknowledges that there’s also “some tragedy,” he notes, “It feels like it ends on a really upbeat and optimistic note.” (Reporting by Vlada Gelman)