Are Mindy Project's Dr. L and Jody Becoming a Thing?! Star, EP Weigh In

The Mindy Project Jody Dating Season 4

If you picked up on an interesting new vibe between Mindy and Jody during that stroll home from Colette’s party at the end of last week’s The Mindy Project, you might be left with the same question we were: Are Dr. L and Dr. K the new Mindy-Danny?

We asked series creator and star Mindy Kaling about the possibility of a budding attraction, a theme that continues in this week’s installment (available Tuesday on Hulu). Her answer? Comedically cagey.

“Garret Dillahunt is so much taller than me that when I act with him, it hurts my neck. I think he is a quintessential ‘tall drink of water.’ Who wouldn’t have a budding attraction to Jody?” she tells TVLine. “This is my way of avoiding answering this question.”

The new, possible relationship (?) comes as the Hulu comedy gives its audience what executive producer Matt Warburton calls “a little bit of a break” from the intense Mindy-Danny episodes, including the couple’s breakup in the midseason premiere.

“We love those episodes, but those got heavy, man,” he says. “While the Mindy-and-Danny stuff is definitely happening and it’s a really tricky moment for the both of them, there’s a lot of fun. We’re investing in Mindy’s relationship with her friends outside work, which we haven’t always done.”

Still, Warburton downplays rumors about star Chris Messina’s imminent departure, adding that Danny’s presence moving forward “will feel very much like the first 13 [episodes]. He’s a presence throughout the entire season.”

The EP adds that Dr. Kimble-Kinney, played by recurring star Garret Dillahunt, is heavily featured through to the finale.

“Jody’s been just great, and we love him,” he says. “So there’ll be a ton of Jody.”

Would you get behind a Mindy-Jody romance? Sound off in the comments!

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