May Sweeps/Finale Preview: Get 100+ Spoilers, Plus Exclusive Photos!

Finale Preview Spoilers TV

May sweeps kicks off Thursday, April 28, meaning your favorite broadcast-TV shows are primed to unleash a final flurry of episodes, including always-exciting, often-agonizing season finales.

Will Castle nab a Big Bad prior to a bigger goodbye? How will The Flash react to a sibling shocker? Will a Vampire Diaries favorite not live to see the show’s (possibly) final season? Which Quantico agents are fated for an “incredible” fight? Click through our gallery for those answers and many more.

The TVLine staff invited the producers of dozens of broadcast shows to part with scoop on all of the season-ending episodes, as well as rounded up many exclusive photos. (We’ll be adding more shows, pictures and teasers in the coming days, so follow us on Twitter for updates.)

But there is plenty to sink your spoiler-hungry teeth into now, so dive into our May Sweeps preview slideshow!

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