The Simpsons Pays Homage to Disney Movies With Latest Couch Gag — Watch

The Simpsons on Sunday is taking a page (so to speak) from Once Upon a Time, imagining the titular family as characters from classic Disney movies. The results are — wait for it — magical.

Crafted by Eric Goldberg of Walt Disney Animation Studios, the gag perfectly captures who each Simpson would be in the Disney universe, including Homer as The Jungle Book‘s Baloo and Bart as the Sorcerer’s troublemaking Apprentice. (It goes without saying that Bart revels in the opportunity to abuse his power.)

The minute-long gag is also full of blink-and-you-missed-it Easter eggs, including a quick “hello” from a three-eyed raven. (As a Simpsons/Disney fan, I see it as a cross between Maleficent’s raven and the infamous Blinky, but my inner Game of Thrones nerd appreciates it on another level. It is premiere day, after all!)

Hit PLAY on the couch gag above, then drop a comment with your favorite parts below.