Grimm Sneak Peek: Rosalee Wonders Why Eve's Really Protecting Nick

Grimm Video Season 5 Eve Rosalee Nick

Methinks the veterinarian-turned-fairytale-beast-turned-assassin doth protest too much.

Because even though Eve has said she retains none of Juliette’s feelings for Det. Burkhardt, this exclusive clip from tonight’s Grimm (NBC, 9/8c) shows that she’s very interested in how Adalind’s recent return to Hexenbiesthood is going to affect Nick.

The Hadrian’s Wall operative showing up at the spice shop certainly takes Rosalee aback some. But soon, the Fuchsbau is answering rapid-fire questions about Adalind and her powers — and getting intrigued by Eve’s response to queries about last episode’s encounter at the bunker.

The hour also features more on Wu’s ongoing transformation into… we’re not sure what, exactly, and a new Wesen with a truly grotesque eating habit. Press PLAY on the video below to watch the ladies’ tense interaction.

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