Gotham Sneak Peek: Strange's First Experiment-Gone-Wrong Is Revealed

Hugo Strange’s grand plan is coming to fruition — though a possible chink in his armor is revealed in this sneak peek from Monday’s Gotham (Fox, 9/8).

In the episode “Pinewood,” Strange is taking pride in his project’s progress when Miss Peabody delivers some unnerving news — someone at Wayne Enterprises (hacker boy Bruce?) is checking into “Karen Jennings,” who apparently was the subject of the professor’s very first experiment.

Press play above to get your first look at what Miss Jennings became. (For after you watch the clip, here’s a spoilery still from the episode which shes more light on the patient’s “upgrade.”)

Elsewhere in Monday’s episode: Barbara attempts to make amends with Jim, and Bruce and Alfred track down one of Thomas Wayne’s former associates from something called “Project Chimera.”

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