Brooklyn Nine-Nine Sneak Peek: 24's Dennis Haysbert Helps Plan a Heist

This week’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine will introduce us to FBI Agent Bob Anderson, an old pal of Capt. Holt’s — and it’s very easy to see why they’re friends.

Played by 24 vet Dennis Haysbert, Anderson is nearly identical to Holt in every way, right down to their silky-smooth voices. Their only difference? As seen in our exclusive sneak peek from Tuesday’s installment (Fox, 9/8c), Anderson is way more willing to humor Jake’s absurd ideas, much to Holt’s chagrin.

In the video above, Holt, Anderson, Jake and Rosa find themselves at a dead end in their latest case. But when Jake suggests breaking into the FBI to get their hands on some crucial files, Anderson doesn’t hesitate to support Jake’s zany plan.

Press PLAY on the sneak peek above for a look at Tuesday’s episode, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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