Sleepy Hollow Season Finale Video: Watch Ichabod and Abbie Say Goodbye

If you’re a Sleepy Hollow fan still sniffling after last night’s shocking season finale… this clip from the episode probably won’t make you feel much better. (And if you don’t want to be spoiled, go no further.)

But catharsis is a good thing, and in that spirit, we suggest you watch Ichabod and Abbie’s porch-swing farewell at least one more time. Y’know, get all your feelings out.

Friday’s episode saw the exit of Nicole Beharie’s Abbie, who — in an exclusive statement to TVLine — said the Witness had “done all she’s meant to do.” In that vein, showrunner Clifton Campbell also told TVLine that “the character of Abbie Mills makes the supreme sacrifice to save the world, and her character dies in the season finale, yes” and that Beharie “will not return to the show as Abbie Mills.”

Press PLAY on the video above to see Ichabod and the leftenant together for the last time.

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