Sleepy Hollow Finale Sneak Peek: The Witnesses Learn About Joe's Death

Abbie and Ichabod’s happy return from the catacombs in tonight’s Sleepy Hollow season finale (Fox, 8/7c) certainly doesn’t last long.

The Witnesses’ triumph in a small but crucial piece of the battle against The Hidden One is quickly tamped down by Jenny’s terrible news. “It’s Joe,” she says, barely holding it together, in this exclusive sneak peek at the episode. “He turned again.”

In last week’s installment, Pandora’s powerful husband turned Joe back into a wendigo; when Jenny was unable to talk him down, she was forced to shoot — and kill — her boyfriend in order to save her father. (Nevertheless, you Joe enthusiasts out there take heart: Fox has said that Zach Appelman will appear in tonight’s finale.)

As you’ll see, Ichabod also is rather affected by word of Corbin’s death, and vows to avenge the warrior’s death. “Believe me,” he growls, “The Hidden One will pay for this.”

Press PLAY on the video above to watch the sad scene in its entirety.

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