Outlander Stars Warn That Paris Proves 'Poisonous' for the Frasers' Marriage in Season 2 — Watch Video

Outlander‘s Jamie Fraser may appear to be doing très bien at the start of Season 2, which premieres Saturday (Starz, 9/8c). Sassenach spoiler alert: He’s really, really not.

Sure, by fleeing to France the Frasers have put an ocean between themselves and Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall, the British soldier who violently violated Jamie at the end of Season 1. And yes, they’ve kept busy with their self-appointed mission: Stop the Jacobite uprising, and thereby prevent the deaths of thousands and preserve the existence of the Scottish clans.

But the aftermath of Jamie’s rape creates “a lot of distance” between Fraser and his wife, Caitriona Balfe tells TVLine, and for all of Claire’s healing prowess, she’s at a loss for how to help her husband.

Meanwhile, the pair must navigate several diplomatic — and dangerous — challenges among high society in the French capital.

“Paris is not a great place for their relationship,” Sam Heughan adds. “It’s a poisonous place.”

Press PLAY on the video above to watch Balfe and Heughan preview the season premiere, which airs Saturday (Starz, 9/8c).