Katharine McPhee Smashes a Hip-Hop Classic on Lip Sync Battle — Watch

Katharine McPhee has a long and colorful history when it comes to televised karaoke.

On the positive end of the spectrum, she finished in second place during the fifth season of American Idol — arguably the finest, most patriotic karaoke contest on television — but she also sang “Redneck Woman” on Smash, a song choice that still keeps me up at night. (Yes, I know she was “playing” a “character,” but has there ever been anyone more real than Karen Cartwright?)

Anyway, that just about brings us to the present, where McPhee is belting — er, mouthing — her face off on Thursday’s Lip Sync Battle (Spike TV, 10/9c) with a high-energy rendition of Mystikal’s 2000 coming-of-age jam “Shake It Fast” (also known as “Shake Ya Ass” for those of you who were allowed to buy the dirty version).

But does McPhee have what it takes to beat competitor Jason Derulo? Hit PLAY on the video above, then drop a comment with your prediction: Who will win? (As a bonus, a preview of Derulo’s performance can be viewed below.)

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