Limitless Sneak Peek: Rebecca Learns the Truth About Her Dad's Death

At the end of the last Limitless, Rebecca showed up at Brian’s apartment, looking for answers. As you’ll see in this exclusive sneak peek at tonight’s episode (CBS, 10/9c), she gets them — and then some.

“You’ve been working for Sen. Morra,” she accuses a handcuffed Brian, “against the FBI, against me for what? As long as I’ve known you?”

His answer — “It’s complicated” — doesn’t satisfy her curiosity (shocker!); nor does his assertion that there’s a whole heap of vital information to which she’s not privy. But her threats of a full, formal investigation down at the FBI are cut short when he drops a huge revelation regarding the death of her father.

According to the official episode synopsis, the information impels Rebecca to take NZT for the first time as she seeks justice for her dad. We’re sure that will go exactly according to plan, right?

Press PLAY on the video above to watch the scene play out.

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