Grace and Frankie Season 2 Trailer: Hookups! Mic Drops! Defiled Melons!

Grace and Frankie is asking some tough, existential questions in Season 2.

But Martin Sheen’s indignant “Couldn’t we fight for the right to masturbate after lunch?” isn’t one of ’em.

Netflix on Tuesday released the Season 2 trailer for its Jane Fonda-Lily Tomlin comedy, and their characters’ unlikely friendship in the wake of their husbands’ romance continues to deepen — not that it prevents Frankie from describing Grace as looking like “a docent at a hairspray museum.”

Also on the docket? Sam Elliott’s arrival as a suitor for Fonda’s Grace. Some light stalking and a “meh” sexual encounter for Tomlin’s Frankie. And a police encounter that looks like it could easily end with an arrest for one or both of the ladies.

Press PLAY above for the full trailer — and check out the Season 2 poster below — then share your anticipation level in the comments!

Grace and Frankie Season 2 poster

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