Gilmore Girls Revival: 11 On-Set Photos of Lorelai, Rory, Emily, Luke, Dean, Paris, Doyle, Logan and More

Gilmore Girls Revival Photos

Big news, Gilmore Girls fans: Luke’s Diner is officially reopen for business.

Last Saturday, Scott Patterson — aka Stars Hollow’s burger-and-fries connoisseur Luke Danes — shared a photo from the set of Netflix’s upcoming Gilmore revival, in which he poses with the beloved series’ creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, while decked out in classic Luke attire.

Patterson’s on-set snapshot is one of many behind-the-scenes photos from the Gilmore continuation, and we’ve compiled all of the nostalgia-fueled moments that cast members have shared on social media thus far.

Scroll through the gallery to see everything from Lauren Graham’s first day back on the Dragonfly Inn set to the reunion of Liza Weil and Danny Strong as Paris and Doyle, and then be sure to check back as  we’ll be adding more photos as they pop up online.