Baby Daddy Finale Sneak Peek: Sam Makes Ben an Offer He Can't Refuse

Riley’s obsession with Ben’s love life finally pays off on Wednesday’s Baby Daddy finale (Freeform, 8:30/7:30c) with a free — albeit far from stress-free — trip to the Hamptons.

As you’ll see in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek, Riley scores a bonus invite to Sam’s family’s summer house, an invitation she claims to accept only to “keep an eye” on Ben. As you’ll also see in the clip, Riley is unabashedly #TeamZoey, and if Ben were to spend an unsupervised weekend with Sam… well, it certainly wouldn’t help her cause.

But fear not, there will be plenty of Revenge-style drama in the Hamptons — including a game-changing cliffhanger you probably won’t see coming. (I sure didn’t.)

Hit PLAY on the clip above, then drop a comment: Are you ‘shipping Ben with Sam or Zoey? (Also, is Riley a little too invested in Ben’s love life at this point?)

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