Gilmore Girls Revival: 3 Dozen Scoops!

Gilmore Girls Revival Spoilers

What are the final four words? Will there be a wedding? Which guy will Rory choose (or will she pull a Kelly Taylor and choose herself)? The answers to these tantalizing questions arenot waiting for you in the scooptacular Gilmore Girls revival gallery below.

But the 24-slide package is nonetheless absolutely worth your time and here’s why: It contains everything I currently know am allowed to share about Netflix’s feverishly anticipated four-part continuation, including some intel you’re already well aware of and a few teasers you may be reading for the first time.

All told, the scoop-themed gallery below is packed fuller than one of Taylor’s town meetings. And it’s only going to get bigger in the coming weeks and months, so you best bookmark this puppy and refresh for regular updates.

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