Banshee Final-Season Sneak Peek: Watch Carrie 'Shut Off All the Noise'

Carrie Hopewell has jumped ahead to the sixth stage of grief: kicking rando ass.

When Cinemax’s pulp action thriller Banshee launches its fourth and final season on Friday (10/9c), Ivana Milicevic’s femme fatale will still be reeling from the death of her ex, Gordon.

“There’s always some part of me that’s thinking about him… how he looked when he died,” she opines to her shrink in this exclusive sneak peek. “There are days when that look haunts me so badly I can barely breathe.

“And then there are days when I can distract myself,” she adds. “Where I can shut off all the noise…”

Cut to a dark alleyway, sprinkle in two drunk misogynists and — voilà — Carrie’s found herself a fresh coping mechanism.

Watch the spectacular clip above and then share your thoughts/predictions re: Banshee‘s eight-episode farewell below.

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