Reality Check: Could Trent Steal the Idol Crown? Plus: We've Brainstormed Fox's Next Great Reality Competition!

Every girl (and guy) watching last Thursday’s American Idol was crazy about a sharp-dressed man named Trent Harmon — who delivered an explosive one-two punch of ZZ Top and Sia covers.

But at this late stage in the competition, was the Mississippi farmboy’s surge enough to carry him past front-runner La’Porsha Renae — or is it possible he could still wind up with a fourth-place finish?

That’s just one question from The House That Did Kendra Chantelle Wrong that my co-host Melinda Doolittle and I tackle during this week’s Reality Check. Also on the docket: Which finalist deserves to fall short of the Top 3, how invested mentors gave us the best Idol week of Season 15, and whether or not J.Lo was being deliberately shady when she forgot the name of one of those mentors.

If that’s not enough, Melinda and I delve into The Voice Battle Rounds and come up with the next great reality competition program — one that could fill an Idol-sized hole in Fox’s 2016-2017 schedule!

Press PLAY above for Part 1 — and below for Part 2 — then share your own thoughts on Idol and The Voice in the comments!