The Good Wife Sneak Peek: Peter and Jason Face Off — and It Is Intense!

It’s not exactly Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but on this week’s episode of The Good Wife (Sunday, 9/8c on CBS), Peter Florrick discovers someone’s been sleeping in (what used to be) his bed — and he does not look pleased, not one bit.

As you’ll see in our exclusive preview video, perhaps the Governor (Chris Noth) isn’t so much miffed by Jason (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) hanging out in Alicia’s apartment when she’s in court, but rather what his wife’s investigator (ahem) is wearing while he’s there.

Casual Friday usually doesn’t translate to barefoot with bedhead, right?

The question is, does Peter still have a right to his anger — or did he give that up during his affair with Connie Nielsen’s Ramona? And how will Jason respond to this display — if at all?

Press PLAY above to watch what kind of fight goes down in Season 7, Episode 18, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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