Sleepy Hollow Season Finale Photos: Will Abbie and Crane Save the World Again (and Keep the Team Intact)?

Things are looking pretty dire in the Sleepy Hollow season finale — at least, that’s what we’re reading into the way the Witnesses and their gang seem to be keeping each other close in these recently released photos. Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned over three seasons in the Hollow, it’s that physical contact among the apocalypse fighters runs highest in times of big danger.

In the episode, which is titled “Ragnarok” and airs Friday, April 8 (Fox, 8/7c), Abbie and Crane figure out that they have to make Pandora’s box whole again — a task begun in Episode 15 —  at the same time that they’re fighting The Hidden One’s bid to end humanity. (Y’know, no pressure.)

Things aren’t all bad, though: Jenny packs heat and meets with her dad (though not simultaneously), and the leftenant even finds some time to crack a dazzling smile. So maybe it’ll all turn out OK…? Click through the gallery below to see the images, then hit the comments with your theories about the Season 3 ender.

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