Arrow Recap: 'Already Gone' Girl

Arrow Recap Felicity Rejects Oliver

If you were among those hoping against all hope that Arrow‘s Oliver and Felicity would be heading for a wedding after holding a faux wedding, this week’s episode put an arrow through your heart with Cupid-like accuracy and brutality.

Yes, the aforementioned amorous archer has escaped ARGUS custody with an intent to shoot down any high-profile couples pimping the fallacy that is true love. Upon discovering Cupid’s shrine, Oliver realizes that his and Felicity’s wedding is next on the “hit list” — alas, that ceremony of course has been called off. Oliver, however, has yet to actually cancel the venue since, he explains, to pick up the phone for that call would mean “it’s over.” But, Felicity states, “It is over.” Ouch.

In the name of crimefighting, Felicity agrees to fake-marry Oliver at a “secret” (but leaked-to-the-tabs) wedding, to bait Cupid. There, Felicity tries to have it both ways with her vows — “I can’t wait to move onto the next chapter,” ahem — while Oliver speaks from his heart.

“I was in darkness but your kindness… your wit and your trust brought me into the light. You were that light,” he avows. “I don’t know if I still deserve your trust, if I deserve you… but the way you make me feel is best part of my life. You are my always, and I just want a chance to be yours.”

Cupid interrupts the proceedings right then and there, only to get an earful from the “bride-to-be,” who argues that “love is real” and claims she “became very best version of myself” with Oliver. (The moment somewhat mirrored Cupid’s very first appearance on the series, when Oliver opened up about his feelings for Felicity via a speech to Carrie.)

Cupid is of course eventually captured, but a load of hurt still awaits Oliver when Felicity makes clear that she believed what she said to Cupid — though it “doesn’t apply to us.” “I can’t be with you, I can’t marry you,” she makes clear. When Oliver super-double pinky swears that there will be no more lies, Felicity counters that there will always be an instance where he who used to be that “man on an island, alone” will keep something from her. “That’s this life. I’m sorry I convinced you that we could have it all. I was wrong.”

Felicity hands back the engagement ring from the wedding, and urges him to hold onto it this time. “I don’t want to let you go,” Oliver offers. “I don’t want to let you go,” Felicity answers. “But I’m already gone.”

Elsewhere in the episode: Laurel got her lawyer on and good, rebounding from Diggle’s compromised testimony against Damien Darhk (er, “Kenneth” from “Markovia”) by agreeing to let her father take the stand. Copping to his many misdeeds done on Darhk’s behalf (and out of fear for his daughter’s life), Quentin offers an account so self-damning and compelling that the judge cannot help but be moved by it,  ruling to let “Kenneth” stand trial. But once locked up behind bars, without bail, Darhk produces a ring from his gullet, slips it on and wickedly smiles….

In flashbacks, Reiter found some mystical doohickey, but Oliver and the girl took it.

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