Stitchers Premiere Launches a Double Murder Mystery for Season 2

Stitchers Recap

Let’s start with the good news to come out of Tuesday’s Stitchers season premiere: Cameron is alive!

Picking up immediately after his season-ending flatline, this week’s premiere began with an eleventh-hour revival of the movie-quoting neuroscientist — much to Kirsten’s uncharacteristic delight.

Now for the not-so-good news: Following the murder of Leslie Turner, Kirsten discovered that the head of the Stitchers program was keeping Ed Clark’s body in a frozen state to prolong his brain’s stitch-ability. To make things worse, Kirsten’s father, the M.I.A. Dr. Stinger, could be responsible for both of their deaths.

To be fair, the only “evidence” Kirsten has of her father’s involvement in the murders is the smell of incense she picked up while stitching into their respective brains; she recognized it from the sandalwood-scented shaving cream he used when she was a child. (Heck, the evidence against Maggie — whom Kirsten overheard threatening Turner during his final hours — seems a lot more damning to me.)

Final thought: I love that Stitchers decided to directly address its similarity to The CW’s iZombie via a side conversation between Maggie and the captain. (“Does she have to eat his brain?”)

Your turn to talk: Are you on board with Kirsten’s theory about her father? Do you think Maggie knows more than she’s saying? Grade the premiere below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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