John Oliver Takes Down Trump's 'Wall,' Makes Waffle Iron Counterproposal

Using his mouth as a sledgehammer and his wit as TNT, John Oliver toppled Donald Trump‘s infamous “Mexico Wall” plan this Sunday on HBO’s Last Week Tonight.

Setting aside the project’s inherent “racism and xenophobia” up front, Oliver in the video above first chips away at the budget, which since Trump first pitched it (at a “discounted” $4 billion) has since tripled, and by a more realistic estimate will cost $25 billion (annual maintenance not included).

Oliver then digs into the topographic problems with the proposed barrier, which would need to bisect privately owned properties and, in one case, find some golfers trying to make par while on the “illegal” side. There’s also the matter of a ladder/rope combo, or even a drug mule with a good throwing arm, usurping this security measure.

Ultimately, Oliver offers his own plan to keep Americans feeling warm and secure, and it’d come in at a comparative $24 billion bargain — furnishing every single person with a waffle iron.

What did you think of Oliver’s assault on the great “Wall”?


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